Employment Opportunities

Ojibway Camp Recreation and Facilities Operations Staff

Every summer the Ojibway Club employs about 50 people, ages 15 and up. Facilities Operations positions include Food & Beverage, Retail and Housekeeping. Some positions, like the maintenance staff, begin in May and work through September. Camp Counsellors start one week before Camp opens and finish on the last day of camp.

Please find the various job applications below. If you're interested, please fill in the appropriate application and send it to the address on the form. You may just be on the way to the best summer job of your life! Suitably qualified children of active members are given priority status in the application process. All 2018 staff must reapply for 2019.

Applications for Ojibway Camp Counsellors are due January 17, 2019 and March 1 for CITs so don't delay! Please contact ojibwayrecprogram@gmail.com if you have any questions.

Applications for Facility Operations Positions are due February 15, 2019. Please contact john.ojibway.gm@gmail.com if you have any questions.

We look forward to hearing from you!

OJibway Camp 2019

We are very pleased to welcome Madi Macdonald back to the Ojibway Camp as the Recreation Manager. Madi has had many years of experience both as a camper and a leader of the Ojibway Recreation Program.

All members who are interested in applying to work in the Ojibway Recreation Program are encouraged to check out the expectations (see below) and download the application form below.

Camp runs for 8 weeks from July 1 to August 23, 2019 and we are looking for energetic staff to fill Head, Assistant, Counsellor and CIT positions.

We are excited to continue the leadership position of CIT Head. This counsellor position will include delivering a fun, safe and challenging program to the CIT participants each week. Responsibilities include: deliver creative programs, facilitate sessions on leadership skills, foster personal growth opportunities, provide feedback on performance and evaluate CITs. We aim to build the CIT program so if you are interested in applying for this position, please complete the CIT Head application form. Email any questions to Madi Macdonald, Recreation Manager ojibwayrecprogram@gmail.com.

We look forward to another great year providing the Ojibway community with a dynamic program for all campers to enjoy a unique camp experience on Georgian Bay!

Ojibway Operations Employment 2019

There are a variety of interesting full and part-time summer employment positions available at the Ojibway Club in operations. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Housekeeping - Housekeepers are responsible for keeping our facilities clean and functional. In 2019 we will be filling a new Housekeeping position for a Cleaner, who will ensure our Clubhouse and outbuilding facilities are properly cleaned and stocked on a weekly basis.
  • Grocery Store - Associate positions are available to provide outstanding, attentive service to our members in the on-site Grocery Store.
  • Gift Shop - We are looking for at least 2 energetic, service-oriented individuals to work in our Gift Shop operation.
  • Snack Bar - Associate positions are available in our Snack Bar operation and will appeal to individuals with a commitment to customer service who are looking to work in a fast-paced food service operation.
  • Other Food & Beverage Positions - Employment is also available to provide table service to diners on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and for private events and social events throughout the season. We are also interested in engaging individuals to work in our kitchen operation.
  • Maintenance - We have an opening for a Maintenance Technician to assist with the ongoing upkeep of our facilities.

While experience in any of these areas is an asset, we are most interested in hiring individuals who are reliable, team-oriented and committed to providing outstanding service and a premium will be placed on applicants who demonstrate these qualities. When applying, please indicate if your availability is for the entire season (nine weeks from June 22 - Sept 1, 2019) or specify your availability during the months of July and August and last week in June.

Access to the island is by boat, making employment at the Ojibway Club best-suited to those with a boat who live in the area during the summer. For those applicants who require accommodation, there are a limited number of rooms available for staff. Please specify if you need accommodation and note that a $50 per week charge may apply.


Internships are available to the children of Members who are 14-16 years old. One week internships at the Club are in the areas of Maintenance, Grocery Store, Gift Shop, Office, Kitchen and Snack Bar. These opportunities provide valuable work experience for teenagers who are just starting to build their résumés. Interns are paid $50/week and positions are filled on a first come, first served basis. 15 year olds are given priority.

Interested applicants should fill in the Intern Application which will be posted soon.

Expectations of Ojibway Employees